About us

Sandy Bay Baptist Church (SBBC) is located in Hobart, the capital city of Tasmania (Australia). We could be broadly described as a conservative, evangelical, missions-minded church.


The individuals who make up SBBC inherently determine the 'character' of the church. Our congregation includes full-time University-age students, working families, professionals, and retirees. Those at SBBC are also at different points in their spiritual lives - from retired missionaries who have been Christians for more than 50 years, to those who are comparatively young Christians.

We are not just a collection of individuals, but aim to be a 'church family' that can rejoice with and support one another in good & bad times, and hold each other spiritually accountable. This means we have times of fellowship where we get to know one another better, e.g. through church lunches, bushwalks or 'game nights'.

SBBC bushwalk to Cape Raoul

SBBC values...

  • Biblical teaching
  • Maturity in Christ
  • Growing the Kingdom
  • Fellowship as a church family
  • Participatory worship
  • Standing for God in modern society
  • Recognising where we are placed
  • Theologically conservative
  • Baptist distinctiveness


The Pastor provides spiritual leadership and preaches at most Sunday worship services. The Pastor's position at SBBC is currently vacant.

Deacons are elected by church members and take care of the day-to-day running of the church. SBBC currently has three Deacons, who are additionally handling most of the Pastor's duties while the pastorate is vacant.

Structure & organisation

Like most Baptist churches, SBBC is autonomous: church members elect officers and call (hire) the Pastor. We have a congregational approach to governance, where church members are involved in most decisions regarding the church, as opposed to rubber-stamping recommendations. SBBC is not currently a member of any church union, association or convention but aims to build healthy and cooperative relationships with sister churches.


SBBC commenced worship at the current location in 1921 and was formally constituted in 1928.



Postal address

P.O. Box 194
Sandy Bay, TAS 7006

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Church address

239 Sandy Bay Road
Sandy Bay, TAS 7005

Phone: (03) 6231 1027